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President of the Unicorn Council

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friendly reminder that thomas and newt were holding hands when he pulled the trigger

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Kitty’s Charity Of The Month Oct.-Nov. 2014!

In case you missed it, I’m setting up a monthly charity for local and worldwide human rights/animal welfare charities that I think deserve a spotlight. The first month’s donations are going to:

IndyHumanea fantastic animal shelter in my hometown of Indianapolis, IN. They’re a tight-knit group of animal lovers, caretakers, employees and volunteers who work hard to make sure animals get homes and food and beds. They NEVER euthanize for time or space, and they work to get the word out in the community about spaying/neutering too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought in a tiny, emaciated cat in my pajamas and how helpful and caring they’ve been. I also adopted Phoebe, my little sunshine, from their amazing cat care facility. They’ve recently received an influx of kittens, and they’re always brimming full with abandoned dogs. They need new supplies, like towels and treats to help with medical examinations.

You can donate through the donate/paypal link on the top left of my blog, and 100% of donations go directly to the shelter. At the end of the month, I’m meeting with a shelter representative to put that money toward the things the shelter desperately needs. There will be pictures, and it will be a BLAST.

Kick in a dollar, or if you can’t spare it, please consider signal boosting! Thanks!

And a special thank you to Aaron Dale Lomas, who donated already! <3

PLEASE consider signal boosting! IndyHumane just got in a whole litter of mastiff puppies and a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, that’s a lot of space/food/vet work! (Plus several new kittens)

We are nowhere near our goal, guys. Keep boosting! <3

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No True Scotsman


I’m an atheist.

No … no no, please come back. Stay with me to the end. I have a point here, I promise.

Being an atheist wasn’t exactly a choice I made; it was more like a realization I came to, eventually. I realized I didn’t believe, and despite exploration and thought…





seeing a hot guy walk by like


Reblogging for the sheer hilarity of the gif.

It would be a mistake not to

"Four score and one booty ago damn that’s a fine ass"

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The worst thing about Tumblr mobile though is you’ll open it up and see something really interesting at the top of your dash

then the app refreshes itself and it’s gone forever.

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i work at a gym largely frequented by older women, and today as one of them left after her workout she accidentally pulled the entire door handle off and just slowly looked at her bicep in horror as if she was terrified of her new strength. it was beautiful.

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Yesterday: PSAT FANDOM